Hiking and Traveling in Israel,adventure tours

The best way of traveling in Israel is by foot. The variety of the landscape is great, and the distance between one site to the other is relatively short. The difference of habitats of flora and fauna,The position of the land of Israel between continents and climate zones, from the extreme desert to the heights of Hermon mountain. All the rich history, the natural history and amazing archaeological sites, the holy sites and modern Israel with it’s rich culture and heritage are packed for you in a very beautiful and interesting package.

And it’s all yours to explore in your next vacation in Israel.

Come to explore the land of Israel in a very special way, from a different angle, away from the crowd and off the beaten track, to the backroads, dirt roads and 4X4 jeep treks. Experience the wilderness by foot, in an amazing hiking trails, like the famous Israel national trail (Shvil Israel).This trail, about 1000 km’ long passes from the northern Israel-Lebanon border to the mountains of the Galil,then along the coast and the center of Israel and south to the negev desert and ends in Eilat, in the Egyptian border inTaba. Along that trail you pass through many of the well known holy sites, historical sites and nature beauty.

Many other options of hiking are available in all degrees of difficulty, and we are here to give you a good advice.

With the huge advantage of 4X4 vehicle that can follow us and provides us the logistic services, carry our supply and will be our back up to any problem, you can travel to the most amazing places in luxury, and experience the real taste of Israel.

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