Heritage Tours, historical sites and National Parks

General information

There are two options for this tour, half a day tour (4 hours), or a day tour (8 hours).

These tours are suitable for all ages and do not require special preparation.

The tours are defined private tours, for you only .

We will be happy arrange the departure time convenient to you and your preferred venue.

Tour price is determined by the number of vehicles you book and according to the number of participants in the tour.

The price of the tour: starting at 300$ per vehicle and a tour guide.

Trip price includes: vehicle, guide / driver, drinking water, coffee and tea.

Trip price does not include entrance fees to parks and sites.

An example of a tour plan: Negev parks and heritage sites

Starting from Mitzpe Ramon, driving First to a stunning observation point, the Camel lookout, overlooking The Ramon crater, continue driving along the northern ridge and then enter the upper creeks of wadi Zin.

“Edge of the desert”, on the upper Wadi Zin, is the title of a new agricultural project . Hundreds of acres of olive trees and of grapes were planted here in the recent years and in fact this project revived the ancient Nabataean agriculture that flourished in the area 2000 years ago and has exported its excellent products to the Roman Empire.

Then we will travel near the Israeli army officers school and the training field.

The vision of Ben Gurion was the realization that in order to encourage people to settle in the Negev, there must be generated several anchors that will create employment and income for settlers.

The officers school was established here in the heart of the desert as part of Ben Gurion’s vision.

We will get back to the main road and drive to Ben Gurion’s hut.

After our visit in the hut we will continue to  Ben guirion’s tomb garden, overlooking the amazing desert landscape, the landscape of the Zin Valley.

Another major milestone in the vision of the “old man”, was the establishment of Ben Gurion’s College in heart of the desert.

Over the years, the college attracted students, academics and researchers and become to be one of the most flourishing communities in the Negev.

Afterwards we will drive to Ein Avedat national park.

By the end of the visit we can stop for lunch and continue up to Avedat national park.

We will climb to the old city and tour its sites, after the tour we return to Mitzpe Ramon .

Please take into consideration the entrance to Ben-Gurion’s hut and national parks of Avdat and Ein Avdat have an entry fees.